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Who did Red shoot?


At the end of the season five opener, Red shoots a bloody guy lying on the floor. His face is too messed up for me to recognize him. Who was he?

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Why it's impossible to know who Elizabeth Keen's father is

From episode 8 of season 4 of The Blacklist -- Dr. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion -- we've supposedly learned that Raymond Reddington is, by his own admission, Elizabeth Keen's father.

As much as we'd all like to believe this, I think there are some crucial points being overlooked that should tell us otherwise.

First and foremost though, the issue of DNA tests should be addressed. Many people are stating that a simple DNA test would (dis)prove the relationship between Liz and Red. Unfortunately, this is false as DNA tests are irrelevant. Please hear me out before you say I'm crazy.

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Escape Games at Sony Square NYC

Hey Everyone,

There's a free Blacklist- themed Escape Game at SONY Square NYC (25 Madison Ave NY, NY 10010) starting October 24th through December 2nd! It's designed around The Blacklist - the escape game challenges will immerse you into the world of The Blacklist and test your ability to solve a critical mission to find the newest criminal on the blacklist, No 162: ADR01T, within 10 minutes.

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Plotline of: Is Red Liz's father or not? is stretching out too long- getting boring

This technologically-savvy FBI unit hasn't done a simple blood test to figure out whether or not Red is Liz's father?!?  Come on!  That part of the storyline is stretching out way too long and is getting boring.  Tell us who Red is already, and move onto other plotlines!!  I don't think I am going to continue watching.....

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The truth about Elizabeth Keen...?


Judging by the entries/replies, I don't know if anybody is still getting on here, but I've been pondering things for awhile (since they have given me plenty of time to think!). So, I wanted to share somethings that I have conjured in my head about who Lizzie really is and why Red wanted her. If you find any flaws in this theory or have a different opinion, let me know. I love to debate.

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Luther Braxton

Just saw the latest episode of the Blacklist and just before the OMG ending I was really confused about something Luther said.  See I've always felt Red was Lizzie's father from the very first but as it goes on, I'm not so sure.  After the episode with his ex-wife where he inquires about her/their daughter and she refuses to answer his questions or allow him to be involved in the daughter's life, I'm like well, he was said to have a wife and daughter, not two daughters soooo maybe Lizzie isn't but shoot, NOW I'm really questioning it.  Anyone else?

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I hope they have William Shatner on an episode, or 2.

I like when a tv show incorporates well known actors intelligently. Hugh Laurie could play Gregory House and they could compare ethical notes (maybe Red gets sick?). I think Red would respect and admire House for his unabashed and manipulative cander. Perhaps Tim Roth could play Dr. Cal, from his role in "Lie to Me", where he played a tough little lie detector. He coud not be beat, not in the long play! He's too smart and he sees right through peoples masks. That would be so cool!! He would make the perfect season nemisis.

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[Solved] The Blacklist: Who is Berlin? (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT)

As far as I can tell, this is the man who will be portraying the character Berlin on The Blacklist:

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Episode 20: The Kingmaker

I have to say I'm pretty disappointed with The Blacklist episode 20 -- "The Kingmaker". If nothing else, I'm at least relatively disappointed; relative to the previous episodes, that is.

Sure, there have been other episodes where I wanted to walk out at a certain point, but literally in every situation I've encountered like that all I had to do was wait until the end of the show and whatever I disliked earlier was washed away either by something better happening, something being revealed, something that left us hanging, etc.

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Elizabeth Keen's scar compared to the symbol on the envelope

In a different thread, emily124 mentioned something about how the scar on Lizzie's hand matches the symbol found on the envelope at the bank, which was the same symbol found on the top of Tom Keen's secret "go-bag". I don't know if that's coincidence or not, but if she's right (and even if she's wrong, really) then that's one of the best observations I've heard anyone mention. It also got me thinking, so I ended up making this: