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Luther Braxton

Just saw the latest episode of the Blacklist and just before the OMG ending I was really confused about something Luther said.  See I've always felt Red was Lizzie's father from the very first but as it goes on, I'm not so sure.  After the episode with his ex-wife where he inquires about her/their daughter and she refuses to answer his questions or allow him to be involved in the daughter's life, I'm like well, he was said to have a wife and daughter, not two daughters soooo maybe Lizzie isn't but shoot, NOW I'm really questioning it.  Anyone else?

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Crazy theory

Ok I'm going to throw this out there. Is it possible that Elizabeth Keen has some sort of computer chip or code implanted in her? She does have that scar from the "fire" and Red is so protective of her. She is definitely some sort of key to something. Like she has the Folcum files inside her. Make sense???? 

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Whoa. I don't think your

Whoa. I don't think your theory is all that crazy... Especially now.

Part 2 of Luther Braxton just now ended and-- holy smokes. I'm not sure what to think at this point.

I had a feeling (but of course I didn't post it) that Liz's inability to remember the past had something to do with her memory being manipulated, but that was partially based on what happened in Lord Baltimore. Either way, I was so upset when Lizzy's saw her dad laying on the floor during the fire, but as usual they made up for it when Red said, "The memories of a 4-year-old are unreliable," and further when Liz pulled the mini version of the music box (from S1E17 - Ivan) out of the burned bunny.

Back on point though, I think Elizabeth Keen is the fulcrum. But that's just my theory.

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