Elizabeth Keen's scar compared to the symbol on the envelope

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Elizabeth Keen's scar compared to the symbol on the envelope

In a different thread, emily124 mentioned something about how the scar on Lizzie's hand matches the symbol found on the envelope at the bank, which was the same symbol found on the top of Tom Keen's secret "go-bag". I don't know if that's coincidence or not, but if she's right (and even if she's wrong, really) then that's one of the best observations I've heard anyone mention. It also got me thinking, so I ended up making this:

The scar on Elizabeth Keen's hand is very similar to the symbol that was on the outside of the box that contained Tom Keen's gun, passports, and cash.
Note: the animation looked a lot better before I converted it to a GIF file, but whatever. You get the point.


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Kingmaker episode

Did anyone else catch Red call Fitch Crowley (Alan Alda) Alan during his speech towards the end if the show.

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Yep -- he called him Alan

Yep -- he called him Alan several times if I heard correctly.... But I honestly didn't know his name was Fitch Crowley until you mentioned it just now. And the only reason I was able to confirm it was by searching through the subtitles to discover that they (the subtitles / script) referred to him as Crowley when he was visiting Reddington after Anslo Garrick had just extracted him:

(At 29:21 of episode 10 -- "Anslo Garrick Part 2")

CROWLEY: All right, that's enough.
Let him down

Good call!

Although I have to say, this episode -- The Kingmaker -- was by far not my favorite episode... In fact, it was probably my least favorite so far. But either way, good catch on the name.

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