[Solved] The Blacklist: Who is Berlin? (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT)

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[Solved] The Blacklist: Who is Berlin? (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT)

As far as I can tell, this is the man who will be portraying the character Berlin on The Blacklist:

Peter Stormare will (likely) portray the character of Berlin on The Blacklist
Peter Stormare

Toward the end of episode 21 -- Berlin -- we're shown the silhouette of a man walking between two other men who appear to be bodyguards of sorts; and that man (in the middle) has a build that's identical to that of Peter Stormare. A few minutes later, if you listen to the voice of the man on the plane who instructs the pilot to "put it down", the voice you hear sounds exactly like that of the character(s) in the short video clips below.

Not to mention, the very first person listed in the cast portion of the end credits of episode 21 is Peter Stormare, credited only as Figure. (Figure? Really?)

It's kind of ironic to me that Stormare would be the one to play this part, only because he's a Swedish native who frequently portrays both Russian and German characters. Why the irony? Because

  • on the plane at the end of episode 21, the men were speaking Russian to each other.
  • Gina Zanetakos has a thick Russian accent, and if she is in fact Tom Keen's lover, it would only make sense that the two of them (Gina and Tom) are in cahoots with the Russians.
  • according to Zanetakos, Raymond Reddington hired her to take out Victor Fokin, a Russian FSB agent who was in the process of defecting to the U.S.
  • The capital of Germany is Berlin.

Well, I thought it was ironic... Anyway, here are some short clips that might help you remember who Peter Stormare is:

Peter Stormare as Col. Lev Andropov in Armageddon

Peter Stormare in a Volkswagen Commercial

Peter Stormare in a Volkswagen Commercial