The Blacklist's second best scene so far

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Scrub to 21:00. And yes -- I had to go buy this song from iTunes.


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I think the scene with Red and Liz and the music box its the best so far. though this one is great too


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Me too. By far. But this one was before that one. ;)

Oh and to me, the original best scene was the very first 2 minutes of the very first episode. I saw it when James Spader was on Jimmy Fallon and I was instantly hooked. Kind of like crack but in TV form. Haha

Go home. Turn back from this and go home. It may seem like the hardest thing in the world, but it is profoundly easier than what you're contemplating.

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"Ah, calculus. I can't even think about derivatives without thinking about that tutor in Manor Hall, Cindy something or other. Never wore a brassier, always a bounce in her step."