Episode scripts from The Blacklist

Episode 10: Anslo Garrick Part 2

Previously on The Blacklist...
COOPER: We have credible intelligence that you're being targeted.
Anslo Garrick got you to bring me here so that he could attack this facility.
You're going into the box until the threat is neutralized.
Harold, do not make a stand.
He means to take me, Agent Ressler, and kill anyone in his way or in his wake.
Hello, Red.
Where is everyone?
I think Ressler's in bad shape.
We're gonna go find those jammers.
10 seconds, Red.

Episode 9: Anslo Garrick Part 1

Zum wohl! Bitte, meine freunde. In memory of the not-so-dearly departed Herr Spielman... No, no.
...who undercut and robbed you on the supply routes through Graz, I'll double what he was spending and handle the packaging and transit myself.
Donald! There you are.
I told you I'd pick you up at the airport.
Oh. The cab ride must have cost you a fortune.
Guten tag, alles. Oh, is this... Donald is my man at the state department.
He's been extremely helpful in all our endeavors here.

Episode 8: General Ludd

You hear that?
What was it?
I don't know.
We should head back.
We can play more later.
Come on. It's almost 7:30.
Mom's gonna be upset if we... one more kickoff! I'll return! Dad?
The storm has come.
A wave of death and destruction aimed at the few who've left so little for so many.
It will wash away the greedy, and when it does, you can thank General Ludd.
Hey, what are you still doing here?
Hey. Uh, late start.
Teacher in-service.

Episode 6: Gina Zanetakos

Oh, yeah.
She's beautiful.
She was.
Can you make it radioactive?
[ Chuckling ] What do you think that was?
Cesium-137, just like you want.
How long before it's ready?
48 hours.
I need it in 36.
TOM: Are you telling me that you have known about this?
Yes! I found it! When?
When I was cleaning up your blood.
Liz, that was weeks ago.
What else are you not telling me?
What am I not telling you?! What the hell is this, and why is it in our house?

Episode 5: The Courier

What's going on?
You're acting funny.
Tell me.
Tell me.
I need to ask you about something, and I need you to tell me the truth.
Of course. What is it?
I don't get it.
A man was shot and killed in that hotel.
So, what's the question?
Were you involved?
I-in... in what?
The murder.
You're not going anywhere.
Liz. Stop! The people that I work for are very powerful.
Now, I need you to tell me everything that you know.
I don't know anything.

Episode 4: The Stewmaker

Okay, you booked on the ground floor, like you asked, is that right?
Yes, that sounds perfect.
Thank you.
Anything else I can help you with?
No, that's all. Thanks.
Hey. I forgot my badge, but I got to grab these records.
Look, just sign in on the form.
I'll run you through the system.
I'm in a real hurry here.
I wonder if I can look while you run me through.
Go ahead.
COOPER: Where are you on Keen?
She's still looking into this classified homicide.
The file she has is redacted.

Episode 3: Wujing

Man: The plan failed.
We can't decode the message.
Call Raymond Reddington.
From Wujing.
Good God. Not here.
The gentleman I usually contract with is unavailable -- stung by a Manta Ray off the barrier reef in Belize.
I have another tech in mind.
This needs to be done quickly.
Today? - Speak with Luli about the replacement I'm offering.
Conduct your due diligence.
If things are in order, we can proceed as discussed.
I prefer to play with myself in private.
Tom: Are you okay?
Yeah, sorry.

Episode 2: The Freelancer

[ "Sympathy for the devil" plays ]
You ready?
♪ Made damn sure that pilate ♪
Well, now, that's a stupid question.
Monday, 9:07 A.M. examiner Hatch.
Subject... Elizabeth Scott Keen.
Here we go.
Before Monday of last week, did you have, or have you ever had, personal contact with Raymond Reddington?
Did Reddington notify you before he surrendered himself to the FBI?
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
Convicted? Not yet.
Please answer "yes" or "no." Have you ever been convicted of a crime?