Who is Lucy Brooks, and who does she work for?

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Who is Lucy Brooks, and who does she work for?

OK so in one of my more attentive moments, I noticed that at the end of The BlackList episode 15 -- The Judge -- the guy in the cowboy hat ("The Cowboy") tells Reddington that Lucy Brooks, aka Jolene, had been busy. While The Cowboy was telling this to Red, he showed him the contents of what was on Lucy's flash drive which revealed candid images that she had apparently taken (or at least, that she had gotten a hold of).

Being the ridiculous fanatic that I am about the show, I've seen each episode more times than I care to discuss. The plus side to being an addict of The Blacklist is that things start to stand out after a few times around, and I started wondering if maybe we had already seen some of the images shown in the same collage The Cowboy was showing to Red.

And it didn't take long for me to recognize at least one of them: remember when Aram called Lizzy and informed her that the source of the phone calls which preceded Anslo Gerrick's entry into the Post Office came from the house across the street from hers? Remember when she walked to the window and looked outside? Remember the cut she had above her eye?

If you don't remember, allow me to refresh your memory: The Blacklist: Elizabeth Keen looking out her window

The Blacklist: Photos found in the possession of Lucy Brooks If you look closely at the photos found in the possession of Lucy Brooks, you might notice something very similar (almost dead center, to the right a little).

Or here's an exploded view: The Blacklist: Elizabeth Keen looking out of a window

... and a side-by-side view.
The Blacklist: Side-by-side photos of what we saw vs what was found in the possession of Lucy Brooks

I know the photos aren't identical, but the first one is just the point at which I paused the show and snapped a picture -- she was looking out the window for several seconds... This is just where I happened to pause.

All the characteristics of her shirt match in the two pics. Her hair matches. The cut on her head matches. There's even a transparent white stripe going across each image from what appears to be the overhang on her house. Also keep in mind that the photo we saw (in the paused version) was shot from the ground -- chances are the surveillance photo was taken from up higher.

So maybe it's a coincidence, but... No.

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Oh and in conclusion, I

Oh and in conclusion, I believe Lucy Brooks works for the same guys who were spying on Tom and Liz.

Go home. Turn back from this and go home. It may seem like the hardest thing in the world, but it is profoundly easier than what you're contemplating.